Specialization Courses

The prospective teacher besides being aware of the basic contents of earlier mentioned Core course also needs to be specialist in some branch of education. A professional, it will be agreed, has not only to be generalist but also a specialist. It is for this reason that B.Ed curriculum of CCS University, Meerut offers the prospective teacher to choose one specialization course out of the eight specialization courses.

The eight specialization courses are:

(1) Educational and Mental measurement

(2) Educational Management and Administration

(3) Career Information and Career Guidance

(4) Teaching Values

(5) Environmental Values

(6) Computer Education

(7) Physical Education and

(8) Elementary education

The prospective teacher has the option to choose any one of these eight courses in the context of his / her interest and earlier gained expertise. SIE faculty teachers will help her / him to choose the right and proper course