Practical Components

After gaining knowledge in respect of the subject teaching methodology courses pertaining to its objectives, methods, curriculum teaching aids, evaluation devices, the prospective teacher under the supervision and guidance of the teaching methods incharge of Shivalik Institute of Education, Saharanpur shall have to plan and teach twenty lessons in each of the two teaching methodology subjects in either simulated situations or actual classroom situations. This observation implies s/he will have to teach a total of forty lessons. Teaching of forty lessons in classroom situations is a compulsory requirement as per CCS University, Meerutís direction and rule to this effect.

Measurement, Modification and Socialization each prospective teacher studying in Shivalik Institute of Education, for developing excellence in teaching, will have to develop skills and positive attitude in five out of eight sessional activities. These activities are:

(1) Administration, scoring and Interpretation of Psychological Tests

(2) Operation of audio-visual equipments

(3) Construction of test items and examination question papers

(4) Case Study / action research

(5) Scouting and guiding

(6) Work with community

(7) Participating in cultural activities and

(8) Physical exercises, games and sports.

Needless to say, performance of any of the five out of the eight Learner Behaviour Activities under the guidance and educational treatment of the teaching faculty of SIE by the prospective teachers will enhance their excellence in teaching