Evaluation of Learning Outcomes

Each of the prospective teacher studying in SIE shall have to appear in seven theory courses papers (4 Core courses + 1 specialization course + 2 Methodological courses) set by paper setters appointed by the University on date and session (Morning, Noon and Evening) prescribed by the University. Performance in these seven question papers will be judged by Examiners appointed by the University out of maximum of 100 marks.

Assessment of the teaching effectiveness of a prospective Teacher after teaching forty lessons by her / him will be judged by a Board of three Examiners appointed by the University out of total of 200 marks. In addition s/he will be judged in terms of her / his insight in to pedagogical and methodological courses out of 50 marks of viva and 50 marks obtained in five of the sessional activities (each activity carries 10 marks) .