Core Theory Courses

Each prospective teacher has to acquire understanding of four core courses. The study of these courses helps her / him to become a professional. Acquisition of learning experiences from these core courses enable her / him to know what activities s/he has to perform in classroom, playground, library laboratory, socio cultural activities, annual school day and the like. Besides s/he becomes aware of reason behind performing these activities within school as a teacher as per expectations of the Principal and community in which s/he lives

Specifically the four core courses are as under:

1. Teacher in emerging Indian society

2. Development of Learner and Teaching Learning Process

3. Development of Educational System in India

4. Essential of Educational Technology and Management

Core courses of the B.Ed degree course provide the prospective teacher with the minimum learning experiences helpful to her / him to become a professional. The 1st course ‘Teacher in Emerging Indian Society’ has seven such units as are helpful to her / him to gain insight in to nature, process, principles and problems of philosophy and sociology having significant implications for developing excellence in teaching.

The 2nd course, ‘Development of Learner and Teacher Learning Process’ has six units of educational psychological knowledge. These units of knowledge help the prospective teacher to understand the characteristics of secondary education adolescent learners. Needless to say that it is only after then the teacher is able to select and apply a model of teaching, which induces in his / her students conceptual understanding about his subjects of teaching as well as psycho motor skills.

‘Development of Education System in India’ the 3rd course containing six units helps the perspective teacher to know the weaknesses and strengths of the educational systems during ancient, medieval and present temporal periods of Indian history. Besides s/he also becomes aware of the problems of primary, secondary and higher education.

Finally the 4th core course, ‘Essentials of Education Technology and Management’ is of vital value to the prospective teacher in making use of the advances in management and technology in teaching learning classroom situations. Consequent to this understanding the prospective teacher succeeds in making learning by the students a joyful and enjoying experience. Their curiosity to know more and more increase abundantly.